Our 5-Step Fertilization program keeps your lawn healthy and weed free all year long!
5-Step Process
  1. Early Spring Pre-emergent (March-April) Prevents weeds from germinating and provides crucial nutrients for the lawn.
  2. Late Spring (April-May) and Grub Control (May-June) A long lasting fertilizer, weed control and grub control in one dose.
  3. Summer Iron Fertilizer (June-July) This application helps maintain a lush lawn during the hot summer months.
  4. Early Fall (August-October) A fertilizer mix formulated to aid turf in recovering from hot summer days and helps to prevent weeds such as dandelions, chickweed and clover.
  5. Late Fall (October-November) This nitrogen rich application helps to provide nutrients to your lawns roots for the coming winter and will help promote a thicker lawn next spring.
Fertilizer image